Thomas Hoey Jr.Thomas Hoey Jr. is a successful produce importer and wholesaler based out of Long Island, NY. He is the current owner of Long Island Banana Corp., his family-owned and operated fruit business. Thomas is also the fourth generation of his family to make a living in fruit sales.

A Family of Fruit

Thomas Hoey Jr. is the latest in a long line of fruit merchants. His great grandparents started out selling fruit and produce from a cart on the streets of Brooklyn. From there, he developed Russo’s Bananas, his first family banana company. The family’s produce expertise only grew through the years. Thomas’s uncles and great uncles were also involved in the family fruit business.

When Thomas’s father, Thomas Sr., married into the family, his grandfather took him under his wing. Before long, Thomas Hoey Sr. had learned the family fruit trade as well. Thomas Sr. purchased Long Island Banana Corp. from its original, retiring owners in 1986.

Then, in 1994, Thomas moved Long Island Banana Corp. to a new, more updated facility. The original building measured in at about 8,000 square feet with traditional banana ripening rooms. The new building was about three times larger and had state-of-the-art, pressurized ripening rooms. This led to a longer shelf life and less external bruising for the bananas.  This significant expense helps Long Island Bananas customers get the best-ripened fruit available.

Long Island Banana Corp. Today

Today Thomas Hoey Jr.’s family business has gone on strong for over 100 years. The company imports fruit from all over the world, primarily Central and South America. They work with several major suppliers including, Chiquita, Dole, Delmonte and Pacific Fruit. They employ anywhere between 45 and 60 employees for their facility and distribution.

Their distribution area is wide, encompassing the five boroughs of New York and Long Island. They also ship their products to parts of New Jersey and Connecticut. Most of their business partners are small, Mom and Pop markets and bodegas. They also supply some of Long Island’s major supermarkets.

While Long Island Banana Corp. specializes in bananas, they carry a full line of other produce. This mostly includes seasonal fruits sold wholesale. Some of these fruits include citrus from California and Florida . They also carry potatoes shipped both internationally from Canada and domestically from Idaho.

Thomas Hoey Jr. Himself

Thomas learned the family business by working in it from the ground up. He started out working in the warehouse and helping to unload imported produce cargo. He is also a class A truck driver who has driven on every route the company owns.

Eventually, Thomas Hoey Jr. worked his way up to vice president alongside his father., Thomas Jr. became president and owner of the company himself. He still holds this position today, keeping Long Island Banana Corp. as successful as ever.

Thomas is also a loving and devoted family man. He says that his family is the most important thing in his life. He is also a devout Catholic with a strong sense of faith and charity.

The Many Philanthropies of Thomas Hoey Jr.

The passion to help others was also passed down through the family generations. Thomas’s grandparents often said he should spread the love and fortune that he’s enjoyed to others. It became a sentiment that his whole family has since adopted and reciprocated.

To practice his grandparents’ advice, Thomas has given support to a number of worthy organizations. In these ways, Thomas helps give back to the community that made his family successful.

Franklin Hospital

Franklin Hospital is an award-winning medical institution in Valley Stream NY. It is affiliated with North Shore/ LIJ Hospitals.

Thomas served on the Franklin Hospital Board of Directors and advisory committee for 11 years. He also served for a few years as Vice chairmen on the same committee. Partnering with the medical staff and the management to ensure better conditions for all patients. During this time he also, he handled the community event and fundraising policies. He was also involved in many of their volunteer events. .

Integrated Medical Foundation

Thomas also sponsors the Integrated Medical Foundation of Melville, NY. The IMF is dedicated to promoting the awareness of prostate cancer and its signs. They offer free programs such as community prostate screenings and support services. They also work through education and outreach programs to improve healthcare for the community.

Little Sisters of the Poor

Little Sisters of the Poor is an international organization dedicated to helping the poor and elderly. They are based on the work of the Catholic Saint Jeanne Jugan. Their network of diverse partners serves seniors living in poverty in 30 countries around the world.

Thomas Hoey Jr. has contributed both food and support to Little Sisters of the Poor. In addition, he also helps raise money for the organization.

House of Hope

The House of Hope is a community outreach program in Valley Stream, NY. They are a nonprofit group staffed by volunteers from nearby neighborhoods and churches. Their goal is to help those in need within their communities in any way that they can. They do this primarily through providing housing and food for the very needy. They also help direct the struggling to other services that can help turn their lives around.

These are just some of the ways that Thomas Hoey Jr. gives back to his community. His family’s advice to him was to help those in need if he was able to. The success of Long Island Banana Corp. means Thomas Hoey Jr. is more than able to. He’s never forgotten the community that helped him and his family get where they are today.

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